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Art lovers are no longer surprised by art auctions. With the growth of the Internet, auctions are gradually moving from face-to-face to online. Let's get to know how an online painting auction works at!

Đọc bài viết tiếng Việt tại đây - Đấu giá tranh gốc của họa sĩ Việt Nam | Đấu giá online (trực tuyến)!

The auction floors are gradually disappearing

As the years went by, Vietnamese painting grew more and more, as did the presence of art exhibitions and auctions. These are all spaces for genuine artists and art lovers. Many live auction floors receive a lot of attention from the art world. However, recently, the art world has also noticed a decline in the number of auction floors.

Các buổi triển lãm và đấu giá tranh dần thưa thớt (Nguồn: Báo Thanh Niên) 

Exhibitions and auctions are gradually sparse (Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper)

The COVID-19 epidemic in the last two years has affected the auctions that gather in large numbers, resulting in this lack of artistic activities. Vietnamese painting, however, did not "rest" for long. Today, online auction activities are developing and becoming more exciting than ever, particularly with ThegioiHoihoa's pioneering work.

Vision of the

For years, has longed to become a dependable location for art lovers from both at home and abroad. Members of our society have worked hard to bring Vietnamese artists' works to the public. also hopes that, through the operation of the e-commerce site, can make a modest contribution to fostering artists' creation and promotion.

In addition, artists can use their talents and creativity to create many unique works.

As a result, chooses to be a leading fine art website that integrates new technology into its paintings to create an online auction platform and a e-commerce business. With this approach, customers can acquire paintings in a quicker and simpler manner. Both artists and collectors, in addition to collectors and art lovers, can access their work in in seconds.

Every work of that is sold is guaranteed to be an original work of art, an original painting, an exclusive painting, or a limited edition original painting. Because each piece of artwork that is purchased from is guaranteed to be protected by copyright and art, it is certain that each collector will receive the highest quality.

How to make online art auction at

Online art exhibition service

During the global pandemic, it is important to ensure health and safety by saving time, money and safety in particular by using the services of, an online exhibition service for artists and art collectors, as follows:

- We will notify viewers of specific information after successful registration. 1-3 weeks of preparation are required before the content is delivered.

- We provide you with 14 different online galleries (virtual art galleries), so you may select the ones you like most and have our paintings hang in 3D art galleries.

- In a virtual art gallery, the artist will present to the collector up to 25 paintings in one month.

- You can also use ThegioiHoihoa online exhibition services to handle online auctions.

Các phòng đấu giá tranh 3D tại Thế Giới Hội Họa 

Auction rooms for 3D paintings at

How to make online art auction

 To participate in an online auction of paintings, you must register for an account at the website. You must create an auction account by going to Open Auction Account - Auctioneer sign up and providing your real name, real phone number.

Tạo tài khoản đấu giá tranh online

Online auction account register

You can click on the paintings you're interested in to see information and see their starting prices after you have an account. Next, you'll enter the amount you want to bid and send the information to us. Finally, will examine the auction information and notify collectors/auctioneers of the results.

Nhập mức đấu giá mà bạn mong muốn

Make a bid for the desired painting

Commitments of 

With, you can be certain that you are receiving precise and transparent information about artists and collectors. Here are some of our promises:

- does not work through intermediaries, so it is committed to the original price as well as the origin of the paintings.

- All of the auction works are exclusively or limited-edition originals, hand-signed and copyrighted by the artist.

- The item you ordered is exactly what the picture shows, and the artist drew it himself. In addition, the frame that comes with the item is also standard, matching your choice.

- When agreed on the time for delivery, we promised to do so. However, in some exceptional circumstances, if the time changes, we will immediately contact you to discuss a new schedule.

It's possible to state that is a place for artists and collectors to come together and engage with each other. Don't miss this exciting auction 'playground! Protection Status