Instructions on how to use online art auction feature on website in 5 minutes

Conditions for Artists to participate in online original art auction space of

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- First of all, the works being auctioned are original paintings, copyrighted paintings drawn by the Artist. During the auction period, there are no copyright disputes with other Artists.

- Only the artist who opened an online gallery on may actively create auctions of his/her artworks. Other galleries cannot open online galleries or create online auctions on

- suggests that the artist share the link of the auction so that interested collectors can participate in the online auction on website until the end of the auction. The Artist commits not to sell paintings to collectors other than auction space until the end of the auction.

- The work's starting price and selling price must be established prior to the auction. The starting price is the amount announced to collectors participating in the auction. In addition, the artist commits to sell the work to a collector for a price above or equal to the selling price announced to in advance.

- It is necessary to notify ThegioiHoihoa before the automatic online auction takes place if the Artist changes the starting price or selling price, or both. The previous auction unsuccessful ending will trigger the automatic online auction within 5 minutes.

- An auction is deemed unsuccessful if there are no bidders or the highest bid is below the Artist 's asking price. At the same time, the Artist and the Collector are not able to negotiate.

- It is necessary to notify us before the automatic auction takes place if the Artist transferred his artwork to another Collector without going through our auction space. Therefore, we can avoid inconvenience to other Collectors who are interested in the artwork.

Conditions for Collectors to participate in the online auction of original paintings on website

- When participating in an online auction, collectors must use their real names. Only the site administrator can see the collector's name in the user account information. A collector's real name can be found on either his national ID or passport.

- In addition to email, collectors must also register the correct telephone number. If a collector does not register, or registers a number that cannot reach, the collector will lose the priority when considering the highest bidder.

- Collectors can update account information according to the instructions here!

Steps for collectors to participate in online art auction on

Step 1: Log in to your user account

Điền thông tin và đăng nhập vào tài khoản người dùng

Fill in the information and log in to the user account

Step 2: Click on the original painting you want to bid

Step 3: Make a bid 

At the bid position, the collector may enter a price higher than or equal to the starting price. The price step is determined by the instructions. The price step varies according to the price bracket of the painting and at certain times. For example, under 5 million VND, the price step is 100k, from 5-10 million VND, the price step is 200k, and so on.

Collectors have the option to show or hide their identities.

When the Collector clicks on the Place my bid box, the transaction is confirmed. The bid section displays information about the auction (in red text).

Nhà sưu tập bỏ giá, lựa chọn ẩn danh tính, xác nhận và xem thông tin đấu giá

Collectors bid, has the option to remain anonymous, confirm and view auction information checks and publishes the auction results to collectors

- At the end of the auction, we will ask the artist if he or she would like to negotiate with the bidders, whose bids are close to his or her selling price. Note that we will not publicly disclose the artist's selling price.

- The highest bidder and the artist will negotiate the selling price via In case the collector's price is lower than the selling price, we will set re-auction automatically at the artist's request without having to speak to the collector.

- If a collector bids higher than the seller's asking price and completes the transaction, a new post announcing the sale will be created. The collector's identity is not revealed by default.

- The highest bidder will be notified up to two times if he or she does not make a transaction with the artist as committed, and his or her account will be disabled for the next auctions afterward. Protection Status