30 Impressive, artistic oil paintings on canvas or wood

There are a lot of mysterious and profound meanings in abstract oil paintings, making it necessary for viewers to have both a sense of aesthetics and an imaginative mind in order to appreciate it. The following article will provide a basic understanding of abstract painting and showcase 30+ of the most spectacular abstract paintings currently available.

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What is abstract art?

Famous artist Wassily Kandinsky created abstract paintings around the 20th century. Abstraction (Abstract) is the act of taking away, separating into many parts, and reducing the nonessential parts of a picture, yet leaving its meaning. Cubism (cubes) and Fauvism (colors) are mixed in abstract paintings.

Even though the difficulty of all art forms, different from realistic art, is abstract painting, the founder of this school, Mr. Wassily Kandinsky, said: 'Without any rules, an artist can express his thoughts and personality freely in any art form.' Because of that, the viewer must put both their heart and mind into the painting to understand and enjoy it.

30+ Popular Abstract Paintings

Abstract oil painting

Many artists currently choose to paint with oil paint to create abstract works. Abstract paintings are extremely popular in the world of art. The wide range of colours makes for impressive colour palettes. For example, the work "Last summer rain" by Ngo Manh utilised warm colours.

Tranh sơn dầu trừu tượng “Cơn mưa cuối hạ” của họa sĩ Ngô Mạnh

The artist Ngo Manh created the oil painting "Last summer rain"

>>> Details: Abstract oil painting "Last summer rain".

A pure abstraction portrays a girl

Abstract painters have found a "new breeze" in the beauty of the girls during the full moon age by gracefully and artistically portraying subtlety and art. The most beautiful schoolgirl outfit is in elegant, pure white ao dai. The white ao dai symbolizes innocence and purity in reference to school age.

Tranh sơn dầu trừu tượng “Mùa thiếu nữ” của họa sĩ Nguyễn Quang Tuấn

A female adolescent depicted in a painting inspired by autumn colours by artist Nguyen Quang Tuan

>>> Details: Abstract oil painting "The season of girls"

 Landscape abstract painting

An artist's landscape work can also be used as inspiration for a drawing. Landscapes may be painted in an abstract manner, by creating soft outlines rather than hard lines. They are suitable for use in many spaces to bring "poetry" to your home.


Tranh trừu tượng phong cảnh “Thu rừng” của họa sĩ Nguyễn Quang Tuấn

Abstract landscape painting "Autumn forest" by artist Nguyen Quang Tuan

 >>> Details: Abstract painting "Autumn forest".

 Simple abstract paintings

Compared to landscape-style abstract oil paintings, simple abstract paintings have many concrete shapes. This genre of painting focuses on the lines and shapes of objects. Even though simple abstract paintings are simple, they produce vivid visual effects. They are suitable for use in minimalist spaces, in particular interiors in the Minimal style.

Some other typical abstract oil paintings:

Tranh trừu tượng “Si tình” của họa sĩ Ngô Mạnh
Abstract painting "Love" by artist Ngo Manh
Tranh sơn dầu trừu tượng “Nồng nàn” của họa sĩ Trần Thị Thanh Hòa
Abstract oil painting "Passionate" by artist Tran Thi Thanh Hoa
Tranh sơn dầu trừu tượng “Mưu sinh” của họa sĩ Nguyễn Quang Quý
Abstract oil painting "For a living" by artist Nguyen Quang Quy
Tranh sơn dầu trừu tượng trên giấy dó “Ngựa 2” của họa sĩ Nguyễn Hùng
Abstract oil painting on dó paper "Horse 2" by artist Nguyen Hung
Tranh sơn dầu trừu tượng “Nỗi nhớ” trên giấy dó của họa sĩ Nguyễn Hùng
Abstract oil painting "Nostalgia" on dó paper by artist Nguyen Hung
Tranh sơn dầu trừu tượng “Những ô cửa” của họa sĩ Nguyễn Quang Tuấn
Abstract oil painting "The Doors" by artist Nguyen Quang Tuan

How to enjoy painting works: Artistic abstract paintings

It can take a long time to fully grasp the significance of abstract art oil paintings, in accordance with many people. To begin with, you must learn more about the artist's life and background work. It is after you've learned about these things that you will be able to appreciate their artworks.

The visual analysis of and appreciation for abstract paintings work in general and unique methods in particular. During the first stage of comprehension, you should inspect the entire image and notice whether the colours and shapes used are repetitive. After that, you should analyse the picture by associating certain information about the artist, setting, and title with the particulars in it. Finally, you should evaluate whether the picture conveys a deeper message, what the author wants to tell you, and how you feel.

Thưởng ngoạn tranh trừu tượng là cả một quá trình
The process of appreciating abstract paintings is one of joy

Because every person sees the world through a different lens, the perception of abstract art oil paintings is also unique. To fully comprehend the message contained in this type of artwork, you should take the time to examine it over a period of time.

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