How to register an user account on website

To use all the features on (ArtLance), you must register an user account, in order to:

- Create and share favorite painting list;

- Participate in online art auctions;

- Receive promotion email as an option.

Đọc bài viết tiếng Việt "Cách đăng ký tài khoản người dùng để đấu giá tranh trực tuyến" tại đây.

Sign up and log in using the correct mobile number

>>>>> Click here to create an account to participate in online art auctions

On September 10, 2021, this feature was tested and finished. When a user enters his phone number on the website to receive a verification code, this code can then be used to verify the phone number with the page. Afterwards, the user may log in to the account using this phone number.

In accordance with auction regulations, users must create accounts with their real names and correct email addresses. The phone number also must be used.

Steps to create an account with ArtLance to participate in the online auction of original paintings by entering a mobile phone number:

 - Click on the user icon in the right corner of the screen to perform the first step.

Click vào biểu tượng tài khoản người dùng góc phải màn hình

Click on the user account icon on the right corner of the screen

- Step 2: Enter the correct phone number, then click Send code

Quý khách chọn mã vùng đúng (VN là +84) nhập vào số điện thoại đúng, đầy đủ và click vào Send code

Enter the correct area code (VN is +84), then enter phone number and click Send code

 - Step 3: you will receive a code of ArtLance sent to your phone number. Enter the code in the box, then click verify.

 Nhập code từ điện thoại vào ô trống và click verify code

Enter the code from your phone, then click Verify Code

Your phone number has been confirmed. If you already had an account, you can update your details or click on exit to the homepage.

When you create a new account using a mobile number, the website will look as follows. Please click 'here' to create a new account.


Quý khách click vào chữ "here" để tạo tài khoản mới sau khi xác thực số phone thực

After verifying your phone number, click on the word "here" to create the new account 

 - Step 5: Create a password for the new account, then click Activate account to start using the user account.

Quý khách tạo mật khẩu và click vào Activate account để khởi động tài khoản người dùng

Create a password, then click Activate account

- Step 6: Please update your personal information including full name and correct email to be able to participate in the online art auctions of ArtLance.

Quý khách hãy cập nhật họ tên và email để có thể tham gia đấu giá trực tuyến theo quy định

Please update your name and email to be able to participate in the online art auctions according to regulations

Steps to register an user account using email 

- Step 1: Click on the user account icon in the upper right corner of the screen to create an account.

Bấm vào biểu tượng người dùng
Click on the user icon

 - Step 2: Click on the option Create account.
If you already had an account, you can log in from here.

Click vào mục Tạo tài khoản

Click on Create Account

- Step 3: Enter your full name, email and password to create an account. Once done, click Create.

Nhập thông tin để tạo tài khoản, sau đó bấm nút Tạo

Enter information to create an account, then click the Create button

- Step 4: sometimes, you have to to complete the non-robot check to create an account as below

Bước kiểm tra không phải Robot tạo tài khoản

Spam check on the website when creating an account

- Step 5: After verifying the confirmation email sent from ArtLance, you can log in to user account

Email xác nhận tài khoản người dùng của Thế giới Hội họa

User account confirmation email from ArtLance

Update phone number in user account


To participate in the online art auction, the user account must have the correct phone number registration

- If the user account has not registered the correct phone number, in case the user participated in the auction, ArtLance has the right to exclude the user from the auction result. Depending on the case, ArtLance also has the right to cancel the auction and restart it from the beginning.

 To update the correct phone number, log in to your account and add your phone number as follows:

Bấm vào mục cập nhật thông tin - 2

Click on the item update informationBấm vào mục cập nhật thông tin - 2

Click on the item to update new information

Cập nhật số điện thoại người dùng

Add phone number to user account, other information is not required

 How to check the correct phone number

- Manual check: ArtLance will text or call the number to verify the phone number when announcing the auction results on the website.

- Check automatically: (feature has been updated on September 10, 2021) using code to verify the phone number. The user can update the name and email in the account details to be eligible to participate in the online art auctions on the website.

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