Introducing Live Preview feature on website

The updated Live Preview feature on (ArtLance) allows collectors and artists to display and view paintings in a live manner. With just a cell or laptop connected to the internet, viewers may now freely interact paintings using Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

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Why should AR be used when choosing paintings for collectors?

When standing in front of a work of art, collectors often wish to try hanging the work on the wall or placing it in an interior space in order to check whether the work harmonizes with the overall architecture. 

 In the past, creating augmented reality art would have been impossible. However, today, with the advancement of AR technology, collectors or artists may hang virtual paintings on the walls of any shape, adjust the brightness or place paintings in pre-made frames. (ArtLance) utilises AR - Live Preview technology to make painting purchases simple and straightforward. This will assist collectors in selecting from a wide range of paintings that are suitable for their needs.

ArtLance's AR technology makes it possible for collectors and artists to meet the needs of viewing and choosing paintings in real time. This will help collectors make the right decision when purchasing a suitable artwork at ArtLance's website.

Use the AR Live Preview app to hang painting on existing frames of the app

What do users need to do to use the AR Live Preview feature?

 - ArtLance collectors do not need to create an account or log in to a user account to use the Live Preview feature.

However, ArtLance suggests that collectors create and log into an account at the website with just 1-2 simple steps to take advantage of the following features:

  • Save favorite items to the Wishlist. To learn how to use the Wishlist feature, click here.
  •  Join the online auction of paintings at ArtLance.

Use AR Live Preview to hang the painting on the available frames of the app

 Step 1: Choose your favorite work, remember the size of the painting, then click on Live Preview

Bấm vào chữ Live Preview để sử dụng tính năng

Click on Live Preview to use the feature

Step 2: Choose an interior available in the app as a wallpaper for hanging the painting.

Chọn mẫu nội thất có sẵn ở phía dưới làm hình nền để treo tranh, chả hạn phòng ngủ hay phòng khách v.v...

Choose the interior available below as a wallpaper to hang painting

Step 3: Please customize the painting size according to the furniture in the room.

For example, a 1m6 horizontal bed, the 80cm wide picture will be 1/2 of the bed. You could customize the painting's size at the round button. Then move the it to an appropriate position.


Tùy chỉnh kích thước tranh so với vật dụng trong phòng và di chuyển tranh

Customize the size of the painting compared to the items in the room and move it to the right position

Step 4: After customizing the size and position of the painting, you can save the image file to your phone or computer.

Sau khi tùy chỉnh, hãy lưu file hình vào điện thoại hoặc máy tính để xem lại khi cần

After customizing, save the image file to your phone or computer for review

Instructions for using AR Live Preview to view paintings on real wall's picture or using a phone camera

Use AR Live Preview to hang painting on real wall's picture

Step 1: Prepare the background

To hang a painting, use the Camera to take a picture of the wall in the room you are in. Make sure the photo you take is suitable to use as a background.

Use the app's interface to take an image of the background to use for hanging the painting immediately.

Chọn biểu tượng Image để upload hình ảnh có sẵn hoặc chụp ảnh thực tếlàm hình nền

Select the Camera icon to upload an existing background or take an immediate background

Step 2: Search for background from your phone's Library (Photo Library) or from your computer's hard drive (Browse)

Tìm kiếm hình nền từ điện thoại hoặc máy tính để sử dụng hoặc dùng take photo (thay cho bước 1)

Search background from your phone or computer to use. Or take a background photo 

Hình nền đã được chụp từ camera sẽ được dùng để treo tranh

 The background taken from the camera will be used to hang the painting (continued from step 1 above)

Step 3: Customize the size and position of the painting.

Step 4: Save the image to your phone or computer.

Tranh đã được treo trên hình nền và được lưu về máy

The painting has been hung on the wallpaper and saved to the computer

Use AR Live Preview to hang paintings on real walls

Step 1: Click on the Camera in the app

Bấm vào biểu tượng Camera để bắt đầu xem tranh thực tế ảo

Click the Camera icon to start viewing augmented reality painting (available for phones only)

Step 2: Customize the painting size and its position on the wall

Tùy chỉnh kích thước tranh và vị trí trên tường theo thực tế

Customize the painting size and its position on the wall according to actual dimension

Step 3: Save the image after customizing to your phone 

Hình ảnh sau khi tranh đã treo trên tường được lưu về máy

The image after the painting has been hung on the wall is saved to your phone

Hopefully, you could find your favorite painting on ArtLance website! Protection Status