Why a printed canvas cannot be as valuable as a painting canvas?

Some people might think printed canvas are as valuable as a painting canvas, maybe because they like the medium. The fact is that there are a few historical photographs, that have merited high auction prices. And there is NOT photographs or photographers have EVER come near the auction records that painters regularly reach. And I think that is the answer to the question "why a printed canvas cannot be as valuable as a painting canvas?"
Here below are some reasons why people highly values a painting canvas than a printed canvas:
  1. Even though it can take a lot of knowledge and practice to become a good photographer, anyone can still push a button and take a picture, and often, with modern smartphones or digital cameras, a very good picture. And 30 minutes after sending the file to a printing studio, you may have a nice printed canvas. Therefore the technology is increasing the ability of regular, everyday and everywhere folks to do this. This diminishes the perception of skill required in the digital art and has bad effects on its value.
  2. One can print a canvas for a multiple. Though those people swear they only print one image - the possibility of multiple images always exists. However a portrait painting is rarely copied by other people, until it will have become famous. A painting is never multiple. There is only one, and can only be one original painting canvas. No reproduction can replace that original - that object, unique in the universe.
For these reasons, anything that printed canvas does in the future will never overcome these obstacles and give it parity with painting. People makes it with different purpose. Printed canvas is great, but it does not do what a painting canvas does.